3 thoughts on “Nominalism”

  1. Tough issue. Sacrifice of self is required, but whether this entails abandonment of one’s entire previous life is another question. Jesus’ advising the rich youth at Luke 18.22 to sell all and follow is cited in support of a requirement to give all, yet Jesus always spoke in contexts and never demanded followers do more than they are capable of. Surely we must be willing to give up anything we have, including our lives, if it becomes necessary to do so. Yet I think moderation is sufficient when circumstances aren’t so extreme. We have to do more than attend church, but I doubt Jesus calls most of us to asceticism.


    1. Appreciate the thoughts! The issue is not the amount of sacrifice that is urged by people who quote such texts as Luke 18.22 but rather the motivation behind any sacrifice that I make for God. If it is to appease him, to try to measure up, or done out of a sense of obligation or guilt then it is not of grace nor in the spirit of Christ himself which is love. Actually, an understanding and growing appreciation of grace will likely result in greater sacrifice but we put the cart ahead of the horse when we urge sacrifice without making sure that people are confident and secure in God’s unconditional love and acceptance.

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