“He Loves Me!”

While so much of our Christian experience tends to be motivated by fear and obligation, Wayne Jacobsen provides a refreshing alternative by painting a rich portrait of God’s love for his children in his book, “He Loves Me!”. He uses simple language that makes this book easy to read; however, you will likely find yourself frequently pausing throughout … Continue reading “He Loves Me!”


In the midst of the valid outcry against actual religious bigotry and a judgmental spirit, we, as Christians, may lose focus of the reality that we follow a man who claimed divinity and made exclusive statements such as: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Though the … Continue reading Intolerance

Life without Control

Whether it be a micro-managing boss, an overprotective or demanding parent, a nagging spouse, a clingy friend, or your child who knows just what buttons to push with you, nobody appreciates these kinds of people who attempt to control our lives. This is often the reason for “teenage rebellion” – the desire to break free … Continue reading Life without Control